I’m Diane. Wife, mom, friend and traveler, my kids recently left the nest. With them went my former mission in life—to raise quality adults.

Just over 5o, I’m still not sure what to be when I grow up. Yeah… Seriously.

So maybe I’ll just therapize myself right here. Because, you know, when all else fails, spill your guts on the internet.

Elsewhere Online

YouTube—Didn’t know what to do with this channel for years until I started posting travel videos. Camera skills are a little sketchy, but the editing’s pretty good.

Twitter—A dark closet where all my skeletons go to party, here’s where I share the best alternative articles about the true nature of our incredibly shaky global economy.

LinkedIn—Where I try hard to pass myself off as a responsible adult despite my struggle with career ADD. Currently, I’m a marketing consultant and financial advisor.

Professional—Who I work with and what we do as fiduciary investment advisors.